Dedication at Jazz Concert

A few weeks ago Boston based jazz musician and friend of the family Marc Rossi dedicated a song to Mike during his group’s set at the Red House Restaurant in Harvard Square. It just so happened to be one of my favorite of his tunes as well, entitled “Ascending Dreams”. I only had my phone on me, so the video and audio quality is not great, but I’m glad to have captured the moment. For those who might be interested, here is a clip from a different performance with better audio.

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Photos From Romain

Here are a few photos from the fourth LoVerme brother Romain Barberot (you know, the French one)

Starting the digital scrapbook

Look at these handsome gentlemen!

We’ll be adding quite a lot more to the photo and videos here. There are so many great images and memories of Mike!

If you would like to share your pictures here, you can email them to Stephen (the dapper fellow on the left): stephenloverme [at] gmail dot com.