Goodbye, Mike.

We’ll miss you forever & remember you always.

Share your goodbyes for Mike here, as a reminder of how much how much he is loved and will be remembered by his friends and family.

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45 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mike.

  1. Mike, It is January 13, 2017 and I can’t believe you have been gone for four and a half years! You have missed so much and been missed SO MUCH! I know you are gone but it is still so unreal to me. I look at pictures of you and listen to your voice-how I long to wrap mu arms around you, see your smile and hear you laugh! You are always in my heart!

  2. Mike, I remember you so well from back in the Merrimack Teen Center days. Now I teach at Merrimack College, and every time I go onto the campus I think of you, and that I am walking where you walked. I feel your presence very strongly at Merrimack College, as well as back home in Merrimack NH.

  3. It is January 6, 2015. I can’t believe you missed 2013/2014! You should see Kaylee. She is so grown up and wonderful! You are in my heart every day! I miss you so much! Love you forever! Mom

  4. I can’t believe it has been two years since you have been gone Mike! We went hiking in the White Mountains today- saw your memorial paver at the Old Man in the Mountain Historic site then onto Crawford Notch to hike Willard Mountain. It was a great hike. We had good weather and beautiful views. Today was especially emotional because the anniversary of your death fell on Father’s Day this year. Steve and Dave were with us which is always a blessing and we saw Kim and Kaylee yesterday. Wish you were here! I brought the photo of you and your brothers at the bottom of Mount Washington waiting for dad and I with me today as I hike- you were with us! Love you always! Mom

  5. We just had our second Thanksgiving without you Mike and our first without Nonna. It was bittersweet-wonderful to have Steve and Dave here with us for a precious family time. But we miss you so much! We had Kaylee with us before Thanksgiving for 3 days and 2 nights! It was wonderful and we thought of you. You are always in our thoughts and hearts! We love you always! Mom

  6. Mike, we went hiking yesterday in the White Mountains- me, Dad, Dave, Steve, Erin, Uncle Larry and Aunt Laura. We went to Arethusa Falls. I thought of you the whole way. It was a good way to spend the day-the one year mark from when you died. I keep you in my heart always and look to the day when I see you again. God is faithful to His Word and we will get to spend eternity together with Him and our wonderful Savior Jesus! Until then I hold you in my heart and love you always! Mom

  7. Pick,
    Jim and I are sitting here looking at pictures and videos of you and reading some of the notes on your site, remembering and missing you so much. I’d trade it all to have you here instead of only being able to see you through a video or a memory. Like your mom said, I don’t say goodbye, but instead look forward to saying hello again.
    Missing you.

  8. Mike, it is the eve of the one year mark from when you died and I still find it hard to believe you are gone. I don’t want to say good- bye so I don’t – rather I hold you close in my heart and think of you so often every day. So many things remind me of a time we shared together and I cherish the memories. I thank God for His wonderful promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus! We will spend eternity tgether forever with the Lord!

  9. Missing you so much my dear son Michael. It was 9 months ago today that we lost you on that terrible day. Dad and I still can’t believe it- we love you so much and keep you in our hearts every day. We spend lots of time with little Kaylee! She will be two years old next week! Wish you were here to be with her and Kim. They are both so beautiful and dear to us! we love you always! Mom

  10. I still think of you often, Mike! I know we all always will. You inspire me to cherish and be loving to my friends and family like you did! We all miss you so much.

  11. Stephen & I started watching Firefly on New Years Eve. Kim was doing the New Years Marathon! We didn’t get that far but we’ve been watching one or two most nights since and it’s been really nice. I’m glad you loved that show so much and I’ll get to think of you whenever I see Firefly references. I really wish I could geek out about Serenity with you right now!

    • Mike loved geeking out with you Erin. I also think of him when I see or hear Firefly references. Truth is I think of Mike with most things I see, hear or do because we were so much a part of each other’s lives. To know Mike was to be involved with him. He had a great way of making people feel special and valued- especially his family and friends. He called me super mom and and made me feel special every day! He and his brothers are great that way- I love my boys so much! Thanks for sharing and remembering Mike! I love you and am thankful you and Steve set up this memorial website! Eileen

  12. So my dear Michael, we are about to ring in the new year 2013. 2012 started out great, but became the worst year of our lives when we lost you in June. Nothing is right without you, but we do our best to live life and be blessed like you always did. Nonna died on December 16 so we ended the year on a sad note as well. But she was almost 91 and lived a long and blessed life. This evening, Dad and I have dear Kaylee with us for an overnight. She is such a joy to us and a living legacy of you (the perfect combination of you and Kim). We played in the snow today and it reminded me of last year when you took pictures of her, Kim and your foster dog Maggie. Kaylee played and played today just diving into the soft snow. I wish you were here to enjoy her with us and join in the Firefly marathon (at Jeff’s house in Merrimack). Dad and I would be babysitting Kaylee, but then bringing her back to you and Kim! We went to the cemetery and brushed the snow off the headstone so we could see your name and your wonderful smile on the picture that is there. That is how I like to think of you-blessed and smiling! I love you always! Mom

  13. Heading to CT today to spend Thanksgiving with Nonna- probably the last one in her house. We had Thanksgiving at your house last year- I am so glad we did. It was such a happy time! I miss you so VERY VERY much. It has been over 5 months since you died and my heart still aches so badly. I long for the day I will see you again my dear son! Until then I remain thankful to God for His faithfulness and promise of eternal life! God gave His son so we could have that eternal life -such a comfort! I love you always and thank God for the gift of your life- all too short, but such a blessing to us all! Love Mom

  14. Mike,

    Dave and I were talking last night about how much I want to get a tablet! You’d be proud of all the research I’m doing on these tech websites I can’t understand. Obviously, I’m never going to purchase an Apple but I can not for the life of me figure out what the heck all of this means and which is the superior one to buy. Clearly, this was where I would’ve (yet again) sent you a message seeking help like I had to go when making the big switch to a smartphone.

    I just know you would completely geek out doing the research, explaining which one I should get (or just telling me because you know I wouldnt understand a thing you were saying) and teach me how to use it once I finally made the big buy! I’ve also been reading all of the tech pages on Business Insider (weekly) and feel like I’m learning just a little more every day. What’s happening to me?!?! haha

    I think about you all the time Mike. Especially when I go off to visit Kim and Kaylee or see David when I know he’s got you on his mind. We’re all taking care of eachother and I know you’d be proud of that.

    Love you Mike…

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Katelyn. Mike would so loved to have helped you with all the tech research and decisions. I miss Mike so much and my heart aches. I have an endless ocean of tears, but also so many wonderful Mike memories. I am glad you visit Kim and Kaylee. You and Dave will help comfort Kim and help Kaylee to know her dad!
      God bless you!

  15. The headstone and footplate went in today Michael. It is polished black with our family name Lo Verme, the dove with olive branch logo from the Michael Lo Verme Memorial Foundation, your name and the scripture John 3:16 on the back. I know you would like it. I spent a long time at the cementery today. I miss you so very much. Dad and I cried together when he got home this evening- we both love you so much and always will. You blessed our lives so very much. We look forward to seeing you again someday- until then……I love you! Mom

  16. We had the Michael LoVerme Memorial Run/Walk today at the high school Mike! There was a great turn out and even though it was a little rainy, the race went on and we raised money for your memorial foundation. There will be a scholarship in your name for a Merrimack High School senior this spring. Kim pushed Kaylee in the stroller the whole way – in under an hour! Kaylee won for her age division and has a medal- Donna won for her age division too! My heart aches that you are not here with us- this is the type of event you would do. Squishy ran with the Geek hat and green sneakers!
    I made funfetti cookies and lasagne in your honor – we had people back to the house afterwards. Missing you and loving you always! Mom

  17. It is October 1st and I was thinking of you and Kim so much today. One year ago today you celebrated your vow renewal and it was such a happy time for all. The party was so much fun and we all danced and laughed and had a sweet family time. Kaylee was just six months old. I am so glad you did the vow renewal and had that wonderful celebration with family and friends. We all miss you so very much. Kim and Kaylee are so beautiful and a blessing to our lives. I just wish with all my heart you were still here with them and us! You would have been 24 this coming Saturday. We will be thinking about you even more than usual on October 6th! It is the anniversary of the day I first saw you and held you in my arms. My precious baby boy! I will love you forever! Mom

    • Today you would have been 24 years old my dear son. We put flowers adn pictures on your grave today. It was a very sad time. Dave was with us. LAter we went to Lynn to see Kim and Kaylee. She had friends and family with her all day. Kaylee played and laughed and gave me a great big hug. That blessed my heart and I cherished it for me and for you! I wish so much that you were here with us. It breaks my heart that you are gone, but you are forever in my heart. I will see you again one day my dear son. Until then…Love always, Mom

  18. Mike,

    My dear son! I am missing you so very much! It has been two months (yesterday) that you have been gone and I still can’t wrap my head around it! I listen to your voice everyday and long to wrap my arms around you. I spent all day with Kim and Kaylee today. You should see Kaylee! She is so beautiful and so very , very smart! She gets into everything and likes to see how things work. She reminds me so much of you! Kim gave me two of your shirts to keep. I cried and cried as I held them close. You are forever in my heart and I will love you always! Mom

  19. Mike-

    I was all set to get the Incredible 4g…and it isnt Global Capable even though the Incredible 2 is and it came out more than a year ago! Wish I could vent with you and get your advice.

    Miss you brother

  20. Mike, I finally put all three hard drives into the Netgear RAID enclosure and fired it up. Of course, I’m having trouble getting it configured. I used to be able to just call you up whenever I’m having trouble with anything tech related. It was a big part of our relationship. What a huge loss not having you hear any more. I can’t even imagine how Kim must feel not being able to tell you about her day, share observations, feelings. People keep remarking how much you already accomplished once they read about you, but that was only a fraction of the potential you had. That potential will continue to drive me, and though our time together on this earth has passed, we can all continue to know you through each others’ stories and company. Rest in peace brother.

  21. Mike,
    We are in Cape Cod for the week. We are having a good time, but missing you so much. Our lives will never be the same and so many things make us think of you. Dad and I were walking on the beach today and we stopped and I just put my head on his shoulder and cried. No words needed to be said. It is such a hard reality that you are gone! I long to see your face-not a picture- your real face. I just want to hold you again and have a conversation. I must settle for pictures and videos. I listen to your Mother’s day message from 2000 that you made for me and your voicemail. I look forward to the Gathering Together when I will see you again! I love you and carry you with me in my heart always! Mom

  22. Pickle,

    I can hardly believe it has been a month already since you have fallen asleep. I think of you so often and treasure the memories I have of you. I loved watching you be a father to Kaylee and husband to Kim. It made me so proud to see what you accomplished in such a short life. I am so thankful that you had the hope of Christ’s return in your heart and am eagerly awaiting that triumphant song of the trumpet so we can see you again. I love you little brother, until we meet again.

  23. The Broken Chain

    We little knew that day,
    God was going to call your name.
    In life we loved you dearly,
    In death, we do the same.

    It broke our hearts to lose you.
    You did not go alone.
    For part of us went with you,
    The day God called you home.

    You left us beautiful memories,
    Your love is still our guide.
    And although we cannot see you,
    You are always at our side.

    Our family chain is broken,
    And nothing seems the same,
    But as God calls us one by one,
    The chain will link again.

  24. Thought so much of Mike and all of you today (Friday). You’re right Dave when you say you’ll take him with you in life. But he still should be here. It’s not right that he died. You all are amazing and Mike can see that from above. I am sure he will find a way to make you all continue to feel him and he will find a way to send down his love and of course….his smile.

  25. Mike-

    Almost a month later, it is still difficult to bear the thought that we don’t get to spend anymore time together, go hiking, talk, laugh, split payment across two amazon cards, or do any of the other things I was convinced we would do for years to come. For me it is still difficult to find any words but I think this poem, sent to me by a good friend, does a good job capturing my feelings.

    I love you Mike.

    Your brother Dave

    You’re still here in my heart and mind,
    still making me laugh cause your stories live on.
    I hold you in a thought and I can feel you.
    I feel you and this gives me strength and courage.
    The tears I have cried for you could flood the earth
    and I know you have wiped each one away.
    For you Brother, I promise you this,
    I will go on with my life and make you proud. I will always hold you in my heart.
    I promise you I will be missing you everyday till the end of time,
    but this is not my end and I can’t hold my head underwater….I need to breathe.
    I need to love and miss you, but I also need to live because through me you will live,
    you will still laugh and love,
    you will still sing and dance,
    you will still hug and kiss.
    You will forever be in our lives,
    you will forever be a brother,
    a son,
    a husband,
    a father,
    and friend.
    I am going to miss your shining face
    I think of you and wonder why?
    I might cry or smile,
    but at the end of the day I am one day closer to you….

    • This is a beautiful poem Dave. I am finding it so difficult to bear the thought of Mike being gone too. The reality of life without him is sinking in and it hurts so badly! I spend lots of time with Kim and Kaylee. I see so much of Mike in Kaylee and it makes me smile. It makes me cry too at the thought of him not being there with Kaylee to see her grow up. We will be there for him to love Kaylee and Kim. I love you my son Dave. Mike loved you too- more than you know! We will laugh and cry together and always hold Mike dear in our hearts and minds! Dad and I have been truly blessed with you, Steve and Mike for our sons! God bless you! Love you always! Mom

  26. Pickle,
    I thought we would grow old together, the “boys” and the “girls.” and it was always comforting knowing you were there, with your family and loving your life even though I couldn’t be with you much in recent years. Since your death I have tried so hard to make every moment with Jim and Samuel count, to never take anything for granted and forget the stuff that doesn’t matter when we’re together. I’m thankful God has taught me that lesson through this, but it aches that it took losing you to learn the lesson so well.
    The way little Samuel is sounds just like how Aunt Eileen described you when you were little- he wants to know how everything works (our nickname for him is “Destruct-O-Baby”) and his much repeated phrase on car rides is “Whas dat? Whas dat?” as he points to things out the window. He managed to send a text message from my phone only to my coworkers somehow, and ferreting out that mess reminds me of how you reorganized the files on your dad’s computer. I think little Samuel has the mind of an engineer like you, and I won’t know the first thing about raising a geek. But you would have. And thinking about it makes me miss you so much more, if that’s even possible.
    Thank you for being Pickle, thank you for all the memories, thank you for being the little brother I always wanted. I’m asking God to help me understand how losing you is even possible. When I miss you so much and think of all the things you will miss out on- and how much it would break your heart to know what you’re missing- I just remember that we’re going to see you again, anytime now. I listen for that trumpet with eager ears.
    I don’t want to say goodbye, so let’s leave this at see you later.

    • Love you Pam. Thanks for those kind words! Missing Mike so badly, but like you, I am listeneing for that trumpet! Aunt Eileen

  27. Hi Mike,

    I had the extreme pleasure of knowing you for only 15 years. You were one of my son Nick’s best friends since third grade. I have many great memories of you. I will greatly miss that wonderful smile of yours, even though I know I will some day see it again. Until then you will be so missed by those of us you touched. Soon, I will leave a rather long message for Kaylee, so she will know how amazing you were. Like you always said to me, see ya.

  28. My son and my friend-

    I had my first day back at work today. It was strange not to get any emails from you with silly videos or new technology products. It hurts me so to think that they will never be coming again. No more leaving early on Mondays to be home in time ot have dinner with you and Kim and Kaylee. Until I see you again I will treasure the short time we had together. And I will do my best to take care of Kim and Kaylee in your absence. I love you so very, very much.

    Love always,

  29. We are saddened by your family’s loss of Micheal , We know God will comfort your hearts. Jesus Christ is coming back!

  30. Hey Mike,

    It’s been almost a week since we lost you. It still doesn’t seem real. It’s weird that this tragedy has brought all of your friends and family together, because that part of all of this has been beautiful. I’ve gotten to know the most important people in your life in a new and close way. They’re all incredible. You know that, though.

    We haven’t quite known what to do since. Dave reminded us that you knew what you were great at, and you did it to the fullest and loved every minute of it. We all tried to help out in the areas that we were good at. All I’ve been able to do since is to make you this website and to be there with your family with love.

    Your parents recorded you a song. Your dad & Stephen were obsessing over recording the harmonies, because they wanted it to be perfect. I thought it sounded great every time, but they’re like you in that way. It had to be up to their standards. Your mom even wrote a new verse, because it needed to be right for you. Dave and Katelyn have been so solid and thoughtful to everyone, keeping everything in sight. Your family is incredible. You know that too.

    I know that Kim is dedicated like that too. You loved her for that, and for so many other reasons. She is so talented and a bit stubborn, like you. I’m so glad that Kaylee will grow up knowing that type of drive and talent, because I know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

    I started looking through old XKCD webcomics when we returned Boston. I know you and I both enjoyed them, but we never really had time to geek over them together. This seemed like the right one to post to you.


    Stephen and I have so much to share with little Kaylee Bean, especially that awesome area where art and technology meet. I’ll always look out for them and love them, as with the rest of your family.

    Love you :-)

  31. Mike, it will never be the same without you. I’ll always be glad that we were able to see each other so much growing up, and I’m sad that there’s so much we never got to talk about. I loved hearing more of your stories from family and friends at your service wish that I could hear more first hand. I’ll miss our talks at family gatherings, hearing about the awesome new projects you are working on, singing together using lyrics from your iphone and so much more. Love you Mike.

  32. Mike, Dad and I are so heartbroken at losing you. We know we will see you again and be together for eternity, but until that time the sense of loss is so huge! It hurts so badly! We buried you today and felt such pain. But we did laugh a little too. We all went back to your house to spend time together and were able to play with Kaylee. The guys broke out the potato cannons and did a salute to you. I even fired one! You would have loved it! So now I am home and missing you so much. You are so very dear to me and I will love you forever.

  33. Mike, you were a better man than I could hope to be. You went far too early, but I never knew you to wait on finding things out. So you go on, explore what comes next, and be ready to share when the rest of us catch up. It was an honor to know you.

  34. Mike, it has been a privilege for me to help make this site for you. This is only the beginning. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at the back end of WordPress, or use the RAID system you helped me build without thinking of you. And that’s a good thing. Here’s to you buddy. I’ll miss you, but you’ll always be with me.

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