Memories of Mike

“Having a great family is like a delicious fun-feti cake.  Having great friends puts the icing on that cake to make it possibly the most nom nomable item in existence. Having both friends and family be there for you is simply one of the best things about being alive.”

– Mike

We are all so lucky to be part of Mike’s delicious fun-feti cake covered in nom nomable icing of amazing friends and family and to have shared so much love and fun with him.

Please take a moment to share some of your favorite memories of Mike!

42 thoughts on “Memories of Mike

  1. Every time I drive on the highway I think of Mike especially when passing a large truck. I don’t like to go too fast passing because I don’t want to get pulled over (and of course I want to be safe!). Mike said to me, “If you are going to pass a truck, commit to the pass.” His voice in in my head whenever I pass a truck! Miss him so much!

  2. Last weekend Cliff and I were visiting Kaylee in Lynn and helped Papa Bob with the bedtime routine when Nana and Mommy were both out. When it was time to stop playing and get pajamas on, Kaylee cried and said she wanted mama. I told her we would look find a picture of mama which we did. It reminded me of the time when Mike just turned five years old and I was away for a week in Georgia for Cliff’s graduation from Officer’s Advanced Class. Mike was at home with his brothers, the girls and Uncle Larry and Aunt Laura. We all lived together in Maine at the time. Cliff and I always sang to the boys at bedtime when they were young. Mike missed me so much that they put a picture of me next to his bed and sang to him. So I tried the picture thing with Kaylee and she settled down and by the time we got downstairs she was a happy camper once again. I look at pictures of my dear Michael every day and long for the time when I see him again. It is a comfort to know we have eternity to be together. Until then, I look at pictures and videos, listen to his voice on the recordings we have and enjoy sweet memories on my baby. I love spending time with his baby and making new memories with her!

  3. Cliff and I had Kaylee for the weekend. I picked her up on Friday and we stopped at the store. She was such a good helper and it reminded me of the times that Mike and I would go shopping together in Maine when he was little when all of the other kids were at school. Patty, Penny and Pam lived with us at the time and they were at school with Stephen and David. For two years it was me and Mike shopping on Friday mornings. First it was the year that Dave went to kindergarten and then the next year Mike went to the afternoon kindergarten session. Mike helped the stock people stock the shelves- he especially liked helping the soda guys stack the cartons on Coca Cola! Mike would help put the groceries on the conveyer belt at the check out counter and when asked if he wanted to work in a store some day he answered that he was going to “own the store”! Kaylee just melted my heart shopping with me on Friday being such great helper and grand company just like her dad Mike! :-)

  4. We are in Cape Cod and we brought Mike’s blue bicycle with us so Dave or Steve could ride it. I remember many summers here biking as a family and Mike would have a hard time keeping up because at first he was little, but also his bike was not very good. I remember when he got the blue bike and that first summer he rode it at the Cape. He was so delighted to have a decent bike to ride and was in the lead many times. He and dad did some bike trips together – I dropped them off at the beginning of the bike trial one summer when it was only the three of us going to the Cape for a long weekend. We met up later on at the beach! So many great memories around that bike and we will continue to use it and think of Mike. It is not the same without you here, but I treasure all the memories I have especially you and me taking sunset pictures over Cape Cod Bay! Missing you so much. Kaylee was here too with Kim and she liked the beach. Wish you were here to see her- how delighted you would be! I love you always! Mom

  5. Dear Mike,
    It’s Friday afternoon near the time that you had your accident a year ago. I still can’t always believe you won’t be around next Christmas, or at family occassions. But to be honest, I talk about you more now to my clients, friends, family. I will never forget you and will carry you in my heart forever. Your daughter Kaylee is such a joy to Kim, your parents and all of us. I know that you are watching with a big grin on. Love you kid,
    Aunt Maureen

    • Love you Maureen- Mike is always with me and I treasure all the memories we made together! He and I never went more than a few days talking to each other and usually emailed and texted daily. I listen to his voice most days-so glad or all the photos and voice nd video clips we have of him!

  6. Mike’s bedroom was just down the hall and shared a wall with the kitchen. I remember doing dishes at the sink sometimes later at night after Mike had gone to bed. He would knock on the wall if the noise was bothering him or sometimes just for fun. I would knock back! I hadn’t thought of that in years and it brought a smile to my face. We shared so many little things like that. I wrap my heart in sweet memoried of my dear Michael! Love you baby! Mom

  7. This Sunday I plan to do the run for Mike as well here from Florence, Italy.
    It’s at 1pm eastern time so I’m going to run the 5k at 7pm my time so I’ll be doing it at the same time as everyone. I’ll probably listen to some Coldplay on my ipod during the run because he loved them so much and I always associate their song “Speed of Sound” with him. I first heard the band whenever we used to drive anywhere with him because he always had the same mix CD with lots of Coldplay on it.

    • The 5K went well Kristin. What a lovely thing to do-running it at the same time we did. Thanks for remembering our dear Michael. We love you!

  8. Mike – I miss you. There have been a number of things I have wanted to share with you over the last couple of months. When my new fancy research computer arrived in mid-July, I wanted to call you because I knew you’d think it was cool and want to help me play with it. I named it Phoenix in memory of you. Things are great at UMW and I really fit in well here. I wish you could have seen how happy I am here and that I could thank you for the role you played in helping me land this job. I have so many fond memories of you, especially our trip to Pittsburgh for the LCI conference, where you presented your poster and we got to visit the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.


  9. Hi Mike-
    Your mom had to start back to school today and I know how hard it is for her. She and your dad have been great this summer helping to take care of Kaylee and Kim. They miss you so much every day and today will be tough of your mom. She has a wonderful support group of friends at school so it will help her to stay busy. But I wanted to let you know that we call and/or text a few times a week to check in. I saw Dave and Katelyn in New York City last week for about 20 minutes. Uncle Andy and I were on our way to CT to visit Grandma and got to catch up with Kelly, Quentin, the Clerkins and Dave and Katelyn. They have set up a memorial foundation in your name at the high school and have a 5K run set up the weekend after your birthday. It helps everyone to do something to help and I’m sure it will be a huge success as the first annual run.
    I was so glad that I had come to your wedding renewal last October as that was the last time that I saw you. I remember how happy you were with Kim and Kaylee. You were just smiling non-stop. Steve and I were watching you dance at one point, talking about what all the various weddings would be like of all the cousins. Yours was the first and it made us happy watching you so happy.
    I was also glad that I had made it to New Hampshire when Carolyn went to visit. It was just an overnight but we got to meet Kaylee when she was 6 weeks old. You and Kim were so tired from the first 6 weeks of being new parents. I remember your mom telling you what a great dad you were going to be. And I’m glad you got to be with Kaylee for 15 months. You know how your mom tells stories, so you can know that Kaylee will hear all about you and your childhood from her, as well as all the stories Kim will tell her.
    During my visit with Grandma last week, she was talking about you and telling me that every time your family went to visit, you were the one who always carried the flowers up the sidewalk to the kitchen door and gave them to her. She was glad to have had some time the past few years getting to know Kim and then Kaylee.
    Watch over them all – Kim, Kaylee, your parents and brothers. And all your family and friends left behind. It is a comfort to know you’re there. And this website helps everyone have a place to write down memories of good times with you. We all miss you.
    Love, Aunt Colleen

    • Thanks for your kind words Coll. It warms our hearts to read them and they will help Kaylee know her dad better! We love you! Eileen

  10. Pickle,
    I’m having another boy. We found out last week and today when he’s been kicking me I’ve been thinking so much about you, knowing once you were a little guy kicking your mommy too. And what a wonderful man you grew up to be. It breaks my heart when I think that you won’t get to meet my next son here on earth. So much that I can’t think about it too long because I get such a deep ache in my stomach. I was looking through a CD case today looking for a teaching when I came across a CD and on it you had written “Canada Pictures…love Pickle :) ” It stopped me cold, and for the rest of the morning I spent laughing and crying as your face kept crossing my screen in pictures and videos, and memories both long forgotten and those that were precious but had grown faded. David’s going to help me post things for everyone to share with me.
    I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about God’s faithfulness. I had the most wonderful conversation with your mom just now, and her honesty for how much she misses you and still how much she is enjoying the beautiful things in life- places our family loved, and people we loved, especially your daughter and wife- it helps me heal to hear her speak of you, and how much she’s looking forward to seeing you again.
    I so enjoyed these videos and I’ll watch them many more times….but, oh Pick, how much I am looking forward to seeing YOU again.

  11. From Kristen Figura, June 19, 2012:


    I can’t even begin to tell you how devastated I was…well, to be honest…am to find out that Mike died on Friday. How odd that I was thinking of him, recently, wondering if it was going to be his 1st or 2nd Father’s Day. I know that there are no words I can say to you to bring you any measure of comfort.

    I feel fortunate that I was able to get to know Mike (…and Dave….the Brother’s LoVerme!) during our college breaks. I remember Mike as being quirky (he was, after all, a computer dude), sometimes moody and broody, very creative (though that doesn’t surprise me…he IS a LoVerme), entrepreneurial, and (at that time) had very concrete ideas of what he thought was right and wrong.

    I remember the summer he became ‘the youngest Cisco certified person in NH’. I didn’t really understand what it meant, but I was so proud of him for accomplishing that. I remember how he wanted to build on your grandparents land in Antrim and open up a media company. I remember he was obsessed with bow-ties and hot pockets (or was the hot pocket thing Dave?). I remember loving to listen to the stories your mom would tell over and over again about how Mike used to dislocate his elbow and how she, innocently, grabbed his arm one day (and it dislocated) and he looks at her and said “ Look what you did!” And, of course, there were all of the Beta videos that your parents made and the one where Mike was off ‘having a fit’. I remember the first time I met Kim at your parents house, saw the way he looked at her, and was happy that he found a girl that made him happy.

    Please know that even though I won’t be there at the wake or funeral services my thoughts, prayers, and heart will be with you and your family. I know you and Dave will find some awesome way of keeping Mike’s memory alive and well (the website is a fantastic start), so that his daughter will know how great he was. I have every idea that your mom and dad are well prepared with a plethora of videos and pictures and hundreds of stories to tell your niece as she gets older. My heart goes out to Kim, as I can’t even imagine the loss of a beloved spouse.

    Please give my (and my parents’) sincerest condolences to your parents. I thought of them as a part of my family during college and the thought of your parents having to go through this profound loss is completely heart-wrenching. Please also give my condolences to Dave. The loss of a loved sibling is different than losing a child, but no less devastating.

    My deepest sympathies,

  12. Mike, you’re wonderful life has left an impression on so many folks who didn’t even know you personally, not to mention those of us who had the privilege. Here’s a message that my friend Tim Gurczak sent to me recently:

    I didn’t know your brother, but it’s hard to not be affected when you read about someone who was making full use of their time and their life as he was. Getting married before 30 is a big thing for people our age as it’s so rare to find two people who will say the big Yes—the easiest and the hardest thing to do. He was very clearly a dedicated student, too. While important, these accomplishments are not all he was but they do demonstrate his caring, his interest, his drive to be a better person, and his dedication: surely qualities that he carried to all corners of his life.

    I always think of this passage from The Waste Land:

    Datta: what have we given?
    My friend, blood shaking my heart
    The awful daring of a moment’s surrender
    Which an age of prudence can never retract
    By this, and this only, we have existed
    Which is not to be found in our obituaries
    Or in memories draped by the beneficent spider
    Or under seals broken by the lean solicitor
    In our empty rooms

    …in how the moments we are truly alive are never the ones that show up on paper or stone, but exist alive in our hearts and in others’, where it much burns much brighter and much longer. He hasn’t really left at all.

    Indeed. Au revoir, mon frère.

  13. It was near the end of Mike and Kim’s vow renewal party. My mom and dad were waiting in the car with my girls Ella and Zoe. I told them i’d be right back because I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to Pickle. I ran up the stairs to look for him and he was in the middle of the dance floor dancing to a fun tune. I made my way up to him and told him I had to go. He gave me a huge hug like only Pickle could give and then started dancing while he was hugging me. Laughing I said I can’t their waiting in the car for me! He said, “Let them wait! It’s my party and I say we dance!” Just then the DJ changed it to a slower song and Pickle and I danced to it. When I got back to the car, I told mom and dad that I was dancing one last song with Pic. I wish now that I had danced more than one. But, I love that memory and will cherish it always.

  14. Mike always let you know he loved you. He made room for everybody in his life and always made sure I knew he loved me. I was so blessed to know Kim loved him and would care for him. I love this photo of Kim and me with Mike! I love you Mike! Mom


  15. I remember how much Mike loved sitting with Kaylee and how much they both liked that blue blanket. Mike used that blanket as a baby! We love you Mike- always!!!! Mom



  16. In Spring of 2009, I took an observational astronomy class, during which I spent a lot of time doing long-exposure stellar photography. I borrowed my parents 35mm and shutter release cable. My best results came during a March trip to the Kitt Peak observatory in Arizona, but my first attempts were in Merrimack, NH in February.

    Not surprisingly, Mike was a part of it and he and I spent several hours outside looking at the stars and hanging out. We talked about a lot of things I am sure, but I particularly remember talking about how cool it is that we can take star trail photos. We talked about how our eyes are amazing and can do things no other lens device can, but that cameras can also do things our eyes can’t (like star trails). Pretty crazy to be able to capture hours of time in one photograph…without photoshop of course.

    Here are two shots of the stars as well as one I took of Mike. I had just loaded the roll and needed to burn a couple at the beginning to make sure my multiple hour exposures werent wasted. As it turns out though, it was a great picture, capturing a truly genuine Mike smile. Thankfully, there are no shortage of “Mike Smile” photos but I am glad to have found this one and be able to add one more to the collection.




  17. In the summer of 2009, I spent 6 weeks in Europe traveling to Paris, Lyon, Cote d’Azur, Florence, Rome, Silvi Marina, and Naples. While Steve and Romain were with me since France, Mike could not get as much time off and decided to join for the tail end of the Italy component. I had rented an apartment in Rome for the five of us, and Mike’s flight was scheduled to get in about 7am. For those who are not familiar with Rome, the airport is not like Logan and close by, it is about a 40 minute train ride outside the city, which meant I needed to get up at 6am. (yikes)

    I followed their flight until I went to sleep, only to see that it was running ahead of schedule and would arrive almost AN HOUR early! This is probably the only time in my life I have been annoyed that a flight was coming early (I have a horrible track record for delayed or canceled flights). I dragged myself out of bed at 5am and boarded a train to the airport, while Steve and Romain slept (lucky). I got to the arrival gate as the plane was touching down and watched, bleary-eyed as passengers poured out of the gate. More and more people came out but no Mike and Kim. I was standing dead center as to be sure not to miss them so I was starting to get a bit worried. All of the sudden, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked over and it was Mike! I gave him a big hug (and then made a beeline to the cafe to get an espresso).

    To this day, I do not know how they were able to get out of that gate without my seeing them, but I will always remember (tired as I was) the warm smile on Mike’s face that he was able to surprise me.

    Although the trip had it’s low points, (getting super sunburned on their first day in Rome and missing the bus after losing each other in the Termini train station) I am so glad we were able to do that trip. I have so many fond memories from it and most importantly, I am glad that Mike and Kim were able to meet so much of our Italian family and that they were able to meet him. “Go do” is a theme that keeps coming up in regards to Mike because he truly lived it. He never held back and this trip to Italy is another example.





  18. Changing a load of laundry just now I remembered a random memory of Pickle. We were hanging out and for some reason I asked if he wanted to help me with the laundry. I don’t remember why, but I think this was when he was visiting me at the house in Dormont and I was hugely pregnant but I’m not sure. We were slam-dunking balls of wet clothes into the dryer and pretending to be all-star basketball players. I remember him telling someone later, I think his mom, “Pam taught me how to make laundry FUN!” like it was the coolest and most innovative thing he’d ever seen! Haha! This memory sure made me smile and I slam-dunked some clothes tonight just for him!

  19. Since I came home I’ve been thinking of my memories of Mike. It’s taken me a while to come on here and write some down because at first it hurt so much to realize that recently we had so few together, but I thought by starting to write some of my memories of him perhaps I would remember more and more.
    I wanted to start with a memory I think only Mike and I shared. He came to visit me in college (Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio) and spent a night or two in my dorm, which was a converted frat house. There was an empty room on the bottom floor so we broke into it through the window- a small window and not exactly right at ground level- and Pickle wiggled in (rather uncomfortably, me giggling and him, I believe, swearing) and unlocked the door to the hall. We had to hide everything or keep the room locked so the housekeeping ladies wouldn’t find out, and I know he had to wiggle through that stupid little window more than once. But then we had a clean empty room all to ourselves and a great place for him to stay!
    On the same trip we sat out in the lounge and ate Dove Bars with Jim (we were just dating at the time). I remember so, so, so fondly Jim and Pickle curled up on a lounge chair licking Dove Bars and purposely being too close to each other and having a blast. Michael was the camera/video guy, I know there are pictures of this but I can’t find them, they were probably on an old camera of his. My old computer harddrives crashed (I’m sure Pickle could’ve saved them) and I’ll never know what all I lost.
    Pickle and I took a road trip from Ashland, Ohio back to New England- just us, following Uncle Cliff and Aunt Eileen, in a car without air conditioning (my old ’91 Oldsmobile) taking stupid videos of us dumping water bottles out the window on the highway and he made an epic movie of my odometer turning over to 150,000. He set it to the song of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis. I couldn’t remember what song it was and googled “famous sports songs” just now, and as soon as I heard it I began to cry, remembering how much fun we had making such a dumb movie. I wish I had a copy of that silly video, its such a precious memory to me of how when I was with Pickle the smallest thing was made the funniest, most memorable moment. If I ever find it I will post it. I don’t even think we were in it, just my odometer moving at slow speed toward what we thought was a huge milestone.
    Pickle came to visit when I was really large and pregnant with Samuel. He stayed at our house while he presented a project in Oakland (near the University of Pittsburgh). I can’t remember the project because he told me about it and it was over my head, but I do remember how much fun it was to have him stay at our house on Waltham Ave in Dormont, just outside downtown Pittsburgh. The plan was for him to take the bus downtown and back the days he was here because neither of us really knew how it would be with me being so pregnant, so he planned to be as independent as possible. and the first day i drove him down to the stop and said “Well this is silly, its not like I’m busy, I’ll just drive you in.” And the next time, same thing. Once we ended up following the bus he would have been on the whole way, through traffic, into the city. But I wouldn’t have traded the time we got together in the car for anything in the world. I don’t remember what we talked about, probably small talk and noting the other drivers stuck in traffic, but I remember that we had that time and even though the traffic was bad and it was early, it was sweet fellowship together.
    One night while he was visiting we played the game “Balderdash.” I pulled a word and made up a definition about binary code and some other technical terms that sounded really good together, and I was SO proud of myself when Michael thought my definition was true! I’d tricked a geek! I teased him about that for a long time and he just kept saying “It sounded so good!”
    I know every day I will see something or think of something that will trigger another sweet memory to cherish. Like the time us cousins (I think Patti wasn’t there, and Dave was there part of the day) went into downtown Boston for the day, and went to a Thai restaurant and snuck in chicken fingers for Pickle, but he did rather bravely try some pad thai. I remember how Steve was so kind to Pickle that day, how he made sure that his little brother had food that he liked and wasn’t pushed into doing anything he didn’t like. I don’t know why that sticks out from that day, but it always has. Maybe because much of our time together as cousins was spent fighting like brothers and sisters, growing up and just being kids. This was one of the few times we spent all together on our own, and it hit me watching Steve care and protect for his little brother (in a subtle way, not the kind of way that would embarrass Michael at all) that we were all growing up.

  20. One summer I received a message from Ilya, a Russian friend of ours that I hadnt seen since high school (4 years earlier). It was Sept 2009 and he said he was in the US! I called the number he left to find out he was working in P-town at a place called Burger Queen! The strangeness not withstanding, I was excited to hear that he would be in Boston in the next couple days. I immediately called Mike, who did not hesitate for a second and made it work with his schedule to come down.

    As Boston is such a great outdoor city, we thought we would just hang outside, but the day turned out to be bad weather. Nonetheless, we made the best of it and had an amazing day. We drove around Boston, (Mike in the driver’s seat, me navigating, and Chris Thompsen wedged in the middle of a crazy Russian sandwich, flanked by Ilya and Nikita). We goofed our way through the Boston Common and the Cambridgeside Galleria before returning to my apartment to hang out and play Rock Band.

    It was great to see Ilya and meet Nikita, but I will also remember it as a great excuse to spend the day with Mike. Driving around, rock band, fooling around outside and at the mall are such typical Mike activities and I am glad for every great memory I have with him doing just that!





  21. Mike- I remember you playing that silly laughing cat/stupid cat for me and watching me crack up. We would laugh so hard together that we’d be almost crying! Thank you for giving so freely of your life and love to me and dad always! We love you and miss you more than you can imagine! Love, Mom

  22. I will forever remember Mike as he was to me. A leader. I looked up to him running track and cross-country and he was one of several guys that would always push me at practice each day. He was a smart, driven and detail oriented person who I believe wanted to bring out the best in himself and everyone around him. Those days running in high school are among some of the best times of my life and Mike was one of those people that helped make that happen.

    Miss you, Mike

  23. What is there to say? Mike was such a goofy, bright guy. He and I were really good friends for a large part of my high school years, and I continued to stay in touch loosely over the past few years since we became “grownups.” There are so many memories, I just have to share a few.

    I met Mike through Dave and friends my sophomore year. My first thought was, there’s another LoVerme? and my second thought was, wow he’s such a great guy, just like Dave. We sort of just became instant friends. Not sure what made us click but we immediately started hanging out, texting, IM-ing and hanging out on a regular basis. It became apparent very early on that Mike LoVerme was not someone I would ever forget. He was such a goofball, and was always up for an adventure. I can remember his laugh and how warm his smile was when he was truly happy.

    One time, Mike, Ilya and Kendra came over to my house for dinner. It was thunder storming that night so naturally Mike said “let’s go puddle-hopping!” So we walked down the street to the high school parking lot and played in the rain for what felt like forever. We were absolutely soaked. There was gravel and mud everywhere. We were like a bunch of little kids splashing around and laughing so much it made our stomachs hurt. Though that’s not my only puddle-jumping experience, but definitely the best.

    When we went to NHETG Theater Festival, Mike and I were working as stage crew for our show that year and it was just an awesome day. One of the judges had worked on casting for Harry Potter, so Mike dragged me over to meet him so we could get a picture with him. What a goof. Then when we got back to town late, late that night, a few of us went to Wendy’s, and sat and talked in the parking lot for hours. It was just fun. Random nights like that are always my favorite.

    Another time, Mike was driving me around who knows where, showing off his awesome driving skills in his Honda, when we ended up in south Nashua. As we were passing Jordan’s Furniture, he goes “Let’s go in there.” I said “why? we can’t buy any furniture. What are we gonna do?” And he said…”We can at least try out some couches.” So we went in and sat on every single sofa and chair in the store. As we’re about to leave, he goes up and asks what their cheapest item in the store is…and the lady at the counter says “um, probably our dresser knobs.” So we browsed the knobs, picked out a pink and purple flowery one, and Mike bought it so the trip wouldn’t be for nothing. To this day, I bet he’s still in their system as “MLove.”

    Then there was a time when we were having computer troubles at home. Mike was a sort of genius with computers…I’m pretty savvy myself, but once you unscrew the back of that thing, I’m lost. Our computer, at that time an old clunker we’d had for about 8 years, was not working right. Mike opened that thing up, re-arranged some things, restored the system, replaced our files and did some abra kadabra to the registry files. It was good as new, and we didn’t have to get a new computer for another few years. I couldn’t believe it came that easily to him. Then again, he was like that with so many things.

    Then he asked me if I would take his senior picture for him for the yearbook. He was always a better photographer than me, but I said I’d give it a whirl. It was such a nice afternoon. We went down to the water behind the high school, walked the trails, took some pictures, and just hung out. It was such a nice day. And now when I see that yearbook photo, the memory of that day comes with it.

    There is no one thought that comes to mind, but instead a flood of crazy memories. Mike was so sweet, funny, smart and determined. He had a finger in everything: academics, sports, video/photo. He was a gentleman, loved his friends, and even more, loved his family. I was always so proud of him for growing into the man he was. When we lose someone, they’re never really gone. He will continue to be present in our lives through the memories we all have. I am blessed to have known him and grateful for the time and friendship we had.

    I miss you Mike. You’ll always have a spot in my heart.

  24. Hi Michael,
    Just hung up the phone with your mom….she said something that made me go right to the computer and log on to leave you a message. I’ve been thinking about what to say since Stephen made this page. I’ve seen David’s posts on FB reminding us to leave a note, and yet it took your mom’s simple remark “I have no regrets” to actually get me here. Life can change in an instant as we all know far too vividly now that you’re gone….no more wasting time.

    I remember the day you were born when your mom called saying you were a boy. I started to hum the theme song from “My Three Sons” to her. I thought it was so cool that she had boys. Plus, I was very close to your brothers and looked forward to another little LoVerme nephew.

    When I came up to NH to take you boys skiing one February break, Stephen and Dave took off racing down the mountain. You were 10 or 11 at the time and you told me “I’ll ski with you Aunt Maureen, I don’t mind.”

    Different times when you’d all be at grandma’s house, the boys would be picking on you and I would side with you because “us youngest have to stick together” and you’d smile.

    Finding out about your engagement to Kim and the birth of Kaylee remain thrills for me since I was among the first to see the FB postings and you guys all know I pride myself on being up to speed with you and your cousins!

    I loved that you were as fast on the trigger as I am when it came to communications. So many times we have texted and/or phone the past few years and both loved the “instant gratification” we got :)

    I guess mostly I would want to leave here saying that I am so grateful at the fullness of your life in such a short period of time. You experienced love as a son, grandson, brother, nephew, friend, husband and father. And you gave that love equally well.

    We miss you and wish upon every breath that you were still here about to walk through the door, but I thank you for all you did leave to us…..your smile, your spirit, your memory and your beautiful daughter. Your life will continue and your love will prevail.

    Love you always,
    Aunt Maureen

  25. I really didn’t know Mike well. I’d see him in passing around the LoVerme house when hanging out with Dave or Steve, when we were making music. But just through those generally momentary interactions, I could tell he was really friendly, genuinely cared, and was a person I liked. It’s really rare that I meet someone that I can say that about, and it speaks volumes.

  26. I have a lifetime of wonderful memories of my dear son Michael! One that I think of so often is when I drive my van up the driveway on the kitchen side. There is a dogwood tree planted just past the driveway that I see each time I drive up. It means so much to me because that tree came from seeds planted by Mike’s dear Papa, Dominick Lo Verme. He died before we moved to NH, but we brought the tree here from his home in CT. Anyway, a couple of years back, Mike and I pulled up in the van and sat watching Robins gulp the red berries from the dogwood tree. It was such a funny sight and we both laughed and laughed. The birds would just gulp as many berries as they could as fast as they could. So now I think of Mike and his Papa every time I pull up and see that tree. Mike loved the outdoors and we spent lots of time together as a family outdoors. I love you Mike!

    • It is October 4, 2012. Mike I have been waiting and waiting for the robins to come eat those berries this year. The trees were heavy with berries and I began to think the birds had passed them by. Last night the trees were FULL of berries and this morning Dad noticed through the window that the branches were moving. The robins had been at the trees and had just about eaten every berry on the tree! There was a cardinal and a cedar waxwing too. I only caught a glimpse of the birds finishing off the last of the berries, but it made me smile and think of that special time we had together watching the birds. Of all the years we have lived here, that time with you was the only time I actually was at the right place at that exact right time to witness that event and it was with you. What a very special memory! I miss you so very much and love you forever! Mom

  27. Mike and I were teammates on Merrimack’s cross country team way back when. We were both on the track team together as well, but there’s something in the words ‘cross country’ that carries so much more weight, so much more pain than any other running season (or any other sport for that matter).

    I began running competitively in the 6th grade and just recently wrapped up my collegiate career. After all those years of tirelessly throwing one leg in front of the other, I can say with confidence that my most memorable steps were taken during the fall of my freshman year of high school at MHS. Mike was an integral part of the cast of colorful characters that composed that year’s XC team. Even alongside the mighty seniors – guys like Mike’s brother, Dave, Steve Chaloner, Scott Hafferkamp, Brandyn Naro, etc. – who are preserved in my mind as giants, Mike carried with him a confidence and a sense of humor, you might even call it wisdom, that similarly grabbed my admiration as a nervous freshman.

    I remember once, out on the outdoor track with snow piled around the oval’s edges, we were doing strides – 100 meter gradual accelerations to get the legs going. Mike showed me how Snell had instructed him to execute a stride- he started off with these slow, gazelle-like bounds from side to side until eventually his strides shortened to a natural length and he started to build speed. An impressionable newbie, I thought it looked pretty cool so I adopted that method for a while. I stopped when I realized Mike was literally the only person on the team who stuck to this unorthodox style. In a sense, this rather insignificant memory, for me, embodies Mike. Quirky, not very self-conscious, and fiercely individualistic.

    Mike and I were both drawn to cross country for whatever reason. It’s a sport that frequently causes you to ask the question, “why am I doing this?” It’s a sport that gives you blisters and cramps and asthma attacks. But It’s also a sport that forces brotherhood among it’s participants. I have a hunch that’s what Mike was seeking more than any personal glory or recognition, and I think he found it on that team.

    I wish I stayed in closer contact with Mike after high school, but from what I’ve heard and read he continued to pursue his passions with that patented quirk and confidence. I am deeply sorry for Mike’s family, his wife, and his daughter, but as evidenced by the posts above, he has clearly left something special with all who knew him.

  28. Walking back to my apartment recently, I saw a guy carrying a 12 pack of beer bottles. All of the sudden the bottom fell out and the bottles went crashing to the pavement, many of them shattering.

    I couldn’t help but think of Mike, carrying a case of Old Brown Dog from my trunk to the house we rented in Cape Cod last summer. The bottom fell out and several of the bottles smashed on the driveway. I remember Katelyn saying, only Mike would not be upset by getting cut by projectile glass from a fallen beer bottle. If any he was sorry we lost out on a few bottles.

    We’ll miss him in the Cape this year, as we do every day, but every Old Brown Dog I raise, I will think of him! (I might also have a word with Smuttynose about the quality of their boxes).

  29. Mike, I figured out something on my cell phone all by myself last night! You would have been proud of me. It made me think about the time you helped me send my first text message. I was in CT at Grandma’s house and Aunt Maureen sent me a text. I had recently got a text on my phone but was afraid of it and not sure how to do it. But I wanted to text her back so I called you on the cell phone. You were very patient with me and told me to call you back on the regular phone. Then you walked me through the process! I was so thankful for your help and proud of you! I miss all your texts to me and emails. I am going to save them all! It is so hard to know you are gone. I love you and miss you so much! Thanks for giving me the gift and joy of being your mom! I will think of you and love you every day of my life! Mom

  30. I don’t know a perfect way to put my memories into words but I honestly just keep remembering so many little moments in my life when Mike was there with a smile, a kind word and a hug. I think there will always be certain things in my life that will remind me of Mike and as sad as that may be in this moment, I am so glad that the memories will always be with me. I know everyone has their own little reminders of Mike, here are a few of mine: He taught me to drive a stick, which I still do to this day (and I have since learned that the teaching process requires a lot more patience than I knew). He introduced me to bluegrass music and certain songs will always make me think of him. Every time I eat Cape Cod potato chips, I will remember the time that we actually followed the instructions on the bag that say “come visit us!” and drove to the factory where they make them because…well, why not? I remember going to the drive in, spending hours playing frisbee, making movies and just driving around the back roads of Merrimack on cool summer evenings; listening to music and chatting about life. I really liked that Mike was always up for silly fun, because those were the little moments in life that counted, those are the memories that I will cherish.

    I feel honored to have had the chance to meet Mike’s family, every one of them was overflowing with love and welcomed me into their home because Mike’s friends were important to them because they were there to support Mike. You can feel the love in that home the moment you walk through the door. I want to share my deepest sympathies for Kim and the LoVerme family as well as all of Mike’s friends; those relationships were always the most important thing in his life and I know that Kaylee is going to grow up hearing amazing stories about her dad and there will be no doubt in her mind about just how great of a guy he was.

    Thank you for putting this website together. Reading everyone’s memories and remembering all of the little ways that he impacted so many people has been really nice.

  31. I first moved into Merrimack with my family at 10 years old while I was in the fourth grade. Let’s be honest, what kid that age wouldn’t be nervous as all hell walking into a brand new school at that age? Mike was there from the beginning, my very first friend I ever made in this town, and though we didn’t talk very much after middle school, every time we’d meet up was always a pleasure, and catching up with him was something I could always enjoy.

    I remember one time as a kid I was mad at a group of kids, and I was calling them retards (because I was a kid and didn’t know it was a wrong thing to say at the time). Mike got mad at me for a brief period of time until I apologized, because he knew there were (and still are) people in the world who really do suffer from disabilities like that and it offended him that I would say that in such a manner. I look back and that to this day and still can’t believe that being as young as we were at that time, he still was one of the nicest, humblest people in the world, and would always, ALWAYS stick up for the little guy, and this is only one example out of a million that I’m sure tons of people have.

    Rest in peace brother. The world needs more people like you, and it will never be easy knowing that you were taken from us so soon.

    -Greg Mann

  32. I knew M Love because we worked on Star Sports in high school. I was making a “fan page” for the teacher, Jeff Capone and I am pretty sure I asked him for something I could use as a description. Mike said “When in doubt love Capone. On second though love him all the time.” For what a wonderful person M Love was that phrase could and should and probably was– if not said about Mike.

    He gave all of us Star Sports people (and I presume others as well.) a photo of either himself or one he took and wrote something on the back. I don’t remember exactly was on mine, but he put a few “love”‘s in there. At least two “love your artwork… Love, Mike LoVerme.” I wouldn’t be surprised if other people got way more “love”s then me. (I’d bet no one got less.) Maybe, that’s why we called him “M Love” or “Lover Me”.

    I wish I had more to share. All I can think of for some reason is his smile. I think he smiled a lot. That, and the time we were playing frisbee. Him and someone else were wearing spandex.
    I didn’t talk to him much after high school, but the fact that his passing has affected me in the way that it has must mean that he was quite clearly a wonderful person.

    My sympathies and best wishes to little K Love.
    (as well as the rest of you.)

  33. People talk about how certain teachers inspired them and changed their lives forever, but every so often, a student comes along who has an equally profound effect on their teacher. If there was ever a person who so thoroughly embodied the ideals of Merrimack High School’s motto: “Believe, go forward, and inspire.” it was Mike LoVerme.

    As a student, he defied categorization. He was a computer-engineer, an athlete, a photographer, a filmmaker, a performer, and a natural leader among his peers. As a teacher, you were proud to say you had once taken part, no matter how large or small, in his education.

    To quote Jim Roy, his mathematics teacher at MHS, who once summed it up best in a conversation were having about Mike’s unique nature and talents:

    “When did being a geek become COOL?”

    During Mike’s stay at MHS, at a time when I had taken on way more work than I probably should have, (teaching full-time while making two feature-length movie projects over several years) Mike was one of those rare students who inspired me to keep on going.

    On the days when all I wanted to do was run off screaming into the Merrimack woods, far, far away from the overloaded schedules, blown deadlines, glitchy technology, unventilated costumes, and space-helmets you couldn’t see a thing in while wearing, Mike was there with a smile and a cheerful reassurance that it would all get done. His positive attitude and creative presence were a constant reminder of why I started doing it all in the first place. Because it was cool and fun and no one had ever tried to do anything like it before.

    (Well, aside from George Lucas… but he had a slightly bigger budget than we did.)

    Mike always helped to strike the delicate balance between hard work, imaginative thinking, and simple play for its own sake. Excellence was the much welcomed result of these combined passions. Eventually, through knowing Mike, I’d begin to learn that the experience, like the journey itself, was the true reward. He never articulated this in some zen-like affirmation, but it was something he seemed to understand instinctively at a much younger age than I did.

    We had a fun making movies, learned things, made mistakes, and laughed a lot. What more could you ask for?

    The ultimate realization would come a few years later when our modest high school space-opera parody was recognized by Lucasfilm Ltd. and presented before thousands at The Official Star Wars Fan Movie Awards at San Diego Comic-Con. Just another milestone achievement and fantastic bonus feature of the experience that never would have happened without Mike’s boundless spirit and numerous contributions to the project.

    After he graduated from MHS, I watched him grow up to become a man of science, a man of faith, a devoted husband, a loving father, and ultimately a friend who I saw often and had the pleasure of meeting on the gridiron each Thanksgiving at the annual “Capone Bowl”, yet another LoVerme family-inspired tradition that lives on to this day.

    May every teacher be so fortunate, humbled, and honored as I have been.

    To me, Mike will forever be a Matrix High Schooler, a Star Sports Trooper, a super-jock, an uber-geek, a media-artist, a trusty droid, a faithful howling wookiee companion, and a valued lifelong friend of the very best kind.

    Much of what I do in the classroom today has been made possible by the foundation that Mike helped to build all those years ago.

    His legacy continues to inspire the next.

    Go Forward, Mike…

  34. I have so many memories of Mike from the halls and trails of middle and high school, but I will always treasure one of my earliest memories of him – the time Mike threw me a life raft at one of those infamous MMS dances by asking me to dance. He helped keep me afloat amidst the awkwardness and self-consciousness of middle school and was a real friend in a crowd of cliques. I’ll always think of his kindness when I hear “Stairway to Heaven” and I’ll always feel so lucky that I got to share my first dance with him.

    Thank you for the sweet memories, Mike, and for being such an incredible person. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  35. Mike, much like his brothers Dave and Steve, had always been a friend to Merrimack TV. Each of the Loverme’s had volunteered and have continued to be considered part of our team even after they graduated from Merrimack High School.

    I met Mike when he was a high school Junior, he was funny, charismatic, and very passionate about photography and videography. Mike was the camera man for several municipal events and he produced the “Making Merrimack TV” promotional music video with me in 2006, which was well received by the community. Upon graduating from High School, Mike was kind enough to donate one of his “Star Sports” framed posters to the Merrimack Media Division. The poster hung in our former studio at MHS above the edit suites. This poster was the first piece of artwork hung in our classroom in our new facility at Town Hall last year.

    I will always remember Mike’s smile, his eagerness to lend a hand, and his ability to form relationships with his peers and elders. Above all, Mike’s spirit represents what I’ve come to know each of the LoVerme’s for – eternally kind and compassionate towards everyone they meet.

    Thanks for all your help, friendship and continuing to smile upon Merrimack, Mike.

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