Mike’s Life

Michael B. LoVerme was born in Brunswick, ME on Oct. 6, 1988, to parents Clifford M. and Eileen LoVerme, and two older brothers, Stephen and David.  As a child, Mike displayed an innate curiosity that led him to explore the way things work, always “looking with his hands” as his mother would say, taking things apart and putting them back together again.  He also played in the woods behind the LoVerme house, fostering an ever-present love of the outdoors.  Michael moved to Merrimack, NH with his family in 1996.


 Mike flourished in his new surroundings, learning Basic computer programming and starting his own business making and selling CAT-5 network cables while attending Mastricola Middle School.  He graduated class of 2006 from Merrimack High School where he was a revered member of the school community.  He was a 3 season varsity athlete, running distance for the track and cross country teams where he was known for his leadership, his creativity, and of course, his hair.  Additionally, he was active in the visual arts community.  His photographs pushed the envelope of what was possible at that fine point of intersection between art and technology and his video projects continue to be used as examples for new students to this day.  His work on the feature-length, award-winning parody Star Sports was crucial to the film’s success and he will live on forever in the wookiee howls he voiced so convincingly.  Finally, his contributions to the technology department cannot be overlooked.  At 17, Mike became the youngest Cisco Certified Network Associate in the State of NH.  His independent study helped to shape the course curriculum for all future students.


Following high school, Mike attended Merrimack College, Andover, MA where he graduated summa cum laude in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.  While at Merrimack, Mike was a stellar student and a leader in the computer science department.  His professors described him as “rock-solid” and “the total package”.  He wore his “Geek” beanie proudly and was known for having so much computer equipment in his room that he needed a high powered air conditioner to keep it all cool.  In addition to the computer science department, Mike found his Merrimack College family in the Math Center where he tutored regularly.  He was known as one of the most compassionate and understanding tutors who could make even the most difficult problems comprehensible and do so without talking down or making his students feel stupid or inadequate.  Mike spoke of his time at the Math center as one of the most important and enjoyable things he has done (and not just because of the weekly ice cream trips on Wednesdays).


Perhaps the most important thing Mike did at Merrimack, however, was meet the love of his life, Kimberlee Hartshorn, who he married on October 16, 2010, celebrating the 4 year anniversary of their first date and bestowing her with the beautiful but ever-confusing LoVerme surname. They gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, Kaylee Maria LoVerme on March 21st, 2011.


Michael was a loving husband, proud father, and an incredible friend to all that knew him.  His greatest joy in life was spending time with his beautiful wife and gorgeous young daughter.  In October 2011, Mike moved his family to a beautiful home in northern Merrimack.  The home became a frequent destination for his many friends and relatives and a shrine to Geekdom in general.  Mostly, however, for Mike it was the perfect place to spend quiet evenings sitting with his wife and playing with his daughter.


He was currently employed at Opnet Technologies in Nashua, and had formerly been employed at Dynamic Network Services, Inc., in Manchester and Harris Corp. in Chelmsford, MA.  In each place he was known for his personable nature, his work ethic, his skill, and his desire and willingness to help others.  He was particularly fond of mobile development and had made great strides in the Android world.  He was half way to completion of his Master’s Degree at UMASS Lowell.  Michael’s life was cut tragically short on Friday June 15, 2012 in Nashua, NH when he died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.


In addition to his parents, he is survived by his beloved wife Kimberlee and daughter Kaylee Maria of Merrimack; brothers Stephen and David LoVerme both of Somerville, MA; Father and Mother-in-law Bob and Donna Hartshorn of Lynn, MA; maternal grandmother, Maureen Clark of Stamford, CT; paternal grandmother, Maria LoVerme of Easton, CT; as well as many other aunts, uncles, cousins  and nieces.

Michael will never be forgotten by those he loved.