Stories for Kaylee

“I have photos of my family all around my workspace and I could write several pages for why each one was the best moment in my life.
I can’t even imagine what my life would be like without my wonderful wife or daughter.  They make me so happy and give me so many memorable moments!”

– Mike

Kaylee and Kim brought so much joy to Mike, just as he brought joy to every person he knew.

Share one of your favorite stories of Mike, so that Kaylee can know what an incredibly loving, kind and awesome person her father was.

16 thoughts on “Stories for Kaylee

  1. When your daddy Michael was little, he would touch everything! He would go to the grocery store with me and poke his finger through the plastic wrap at the meat counter while I wasn’t looking. Well, yesterday (Friday May 2, 2014) I picked you up to bring you to my house in Merrimack for a sleep over. We stopped at Market Basket to get a few food items. You helped me pick out a watermelon wedge (wrapped in plastic wrap). It was later in the day and you were tired so you asked to sit in the cart. I put you in the large section with the groceries (where you asked to sit) and you held your watermelon on your lap. When it came time to check out, I looked down at you and there was a hole in the watermelon- you had poked your thumb right through it and just sat looking at it! Reminded me so much of your daddy Mike! Papa Cliff just smiled when I showed him! I so wish your daddy was here to laugh about it with us- I know he would have loved it! You give us such joy just like he did. Uncle Stephen, Uncle David and your daddy Michael kept Papa and I busy and we feel so blessed to have such wonderful sons- each a treasure to us just like you are! We love you always! Much love from Grandma and Papa Cliff!

  2. Dear Kaylee,your loving dad loved to run. You are truly like him in that case. This year you uncle David put together the 2013 Micheal LoVerme memorial 5k run. You ran the whole way. Except for when your Grammy put you in the carriage while you crossed the street. Your dad would be so proud. As you crossed the finish line you held my hand and together we ran past it. That year you came in second place. But you didn’t want to stop. You kept running. You ran onto the football field and tried to do cartwheels like me. You were so proud of yourself. So was your mom. Even though your dad wasn’t able to tell you he was too. After getting our medals I bought you ice cream and shared my chips. You were so amazing. I love you! Love,Your Cousin Abbey

  3. Kaylee,

    I have been running a lot more recently and thinking about Mike (your dad) a lot because of it. We were teammates for 3 years in high school and ran pretty similar times so we trained together quite a bit. Mike had a lot of speed but he also had a tendency to hold back until he was comfortable enough with the route to know that he could let loose and would still have enough in the tank. Our high school was at the end of a half mile road called O’Gara drive and at the end of training runs we would always sprint the last half mile. One time, on a different training run near our house on Bates road, we were talking about how to visualize a course and then channel that. I told him to pretend we were near the school and when we were about half a mile out that we were turning on to OGara drive. We would call out landmarks as we reached their hypothetical locations: the tennis courts, the softball field, the parking lots. Mike absolutely took off! When something made sense to him, he latched onto it and did it better than anyone. No hill, no fatigue stopped him and he just cruised at top speed all the way home.

    Another time we were had a meet in Nashua and both were racing the 800m. He had never beat me in a race (and I did everything I could to keep it from happening). This race went out extremely aggressively and had to be called back and restarted because a few runners got tangled up and fell at the start. On the restart, we all went out a lot less aggressively and Mike was able to tail me most of the race. On the final straightaway he blew past me…running his best time ever. I was so mad at first (though I tried not to show it) until I actually talked to him. He was SO excited, not to have beaten me, but to have run such a good time. He knew that if he could keep with me through most of the race he’d get the time he wanted. Hearing that perspective and the lack of any kind of competitive arrogance in his voice, any annoyance I had melted away. He could be competitive but Mike was so much more about excellence and achievement and sharing that with as many people as possible. It is a great way to approach life and one that I have learned from him.

    • Thnks for sharing Dave! I well remember that day. Coach Snell had hestitated to put the LoVerme brothers in a head to head match. As mom, I was routing for both my boys. They always helped each other out and learned from it. Look at the hair- people knew it was the LoVerme brothers from the hair flying out behind them! :-)

  4. Hi Kaylee,
    I wanted to share with you my two favorite memories of your Dad. The first one was one summer night a few years ago when he announced to us “I’m going to be a Daddy!” We were all so excited, especially your Mom and Dad.
    The second memory took place a few months later when he came home one day. He had purchased a little machine so that he could hear your heartbeat in your moms tummy. He made your mom lie down on the floor in the living room, and waited patiently till he found just the right spot where we could all hear your little heart beat. He was so excited and proud! Your heart was very fast then so it sounded like a horse running. We laughed about how funny it sounded, but I think listening to your heartbeat made your Dad feel close to you before you were even born and it was a very special moment to watch.

    • Thanks for this memory Liz! I remember Mike having Kim lie down on our living room floor as we listened to Kaylee’s heartbeat. It was so precious to watch our “baby” embrace fatherhood. He relished all the details and was so excited to meet his baby girl. To our dear Kaylee- your daddy just beamed when he talked about becoming a father. He loved you so much even before you were born. Love, Grandma

  5. Our dear Kaylee- your mom brought you to Connecticut over the weekend (right before Christmas) so you could see the CT relatives. We went to great grandma Clark’s house in Stamford, and you loved her Christmas tree. Nana and Papa in Lynn have a table top one up, but this one in Stamford you could walk right up to. You touched every ornament you could reach and let them swing back and forth! Your daddy used to do the same thing! You are so much like him in so many ways. You are so inquisitive just like your dad was and are so beautiful like your mom. They are both so smart and you seem to have received the best of both of them! We also went to the Stamford Museum and Nature Center because the weather permitted it. You loved seeing the animals! Daddy always did too! We love you dear Kaylee! God bless you this Christmas day and always. With love, Grandma and Papa Cliff

  6. Kaylee, Papa and I (Grandma) went to see you Tuesday evening. You got a big smile on your face when you saw us and hurried into my arms! I picked you up and you just gently patted me on the back. Your daddy used to do the same thing andit made me smile! You do many things like he did and it blesses me so mcuh. Papa and I love you and treasure you! God bless you our precious little granddaughter! Love Grandma and Papa

  7. Hi Kaylee,
    My name is Karen Deveau and I am writing this for you so that you can get to know your dad through other people’s stories. I first met your father, Mike on October 27, 1996, a Thursday. It was Halloween and I was the homeroom parent for Miss. Therrien’s third grade class that my son, Nick and your father were in. Nick had mentioned your father quite a few times since they became friends. Nick was a very quiet, shy boy with only a few choice friends. When I went in for the party Nick introduced me to your dad and he was just what I expected; a very polite, kind, well mannered boy with a huge smile from ear to ear. He and Nick became best of friends. They were in the same class in the fourth grade also. Your dad came over to our house many times for pool swimming, play dates, sledding parties, and sleepovers the vice principal of Thorntons Ferry Elementary School had a name, ” the five musketeers” for Nick and your dads group of friends; Mike LoVerme, Nick Deveau, Anthony Lawrence, David Shin, and Steven Kane. When the five of them entered the James Mastricola Middle School, nothing changed. They were not all in the same group or house as it was called, but they all got together every day and quite a few weekends. I volunteered in the schools a lot and every time your dad would come up to me smiling and say, “Hi Mrs. Deveau, got to run, see ya.” He just oozed of happiness. I don’t believe in all of the 15 years I knew Mike that I ever saw him without that smile. The five musketeers stayed friends together until the end of the eighth grade when David Shin moved away to New York, but they still stayed in contact for a while. Before we knew it the four musketeers were in high school, no longer little boys and there was a lot more than four in their group. They were still in a lot of the honors and AP classes together and the play dates and sleepovers were replaced with high school dances, band and most of all track. Nick and Mike were on the Merrimack varsity boys track team together for four years. Nick was a sprinter/hurdler while your dad was one of the elite distance runners. In March of 2003 I got my school bus license and drove the track team to most of their away meets. Your grandma, grandpa and I would stand on the sidelines with cameras cheering them on just like in the races on fun day in elementary school. Well now I’m finally going to tell you the neat story about your dad. It was at the end of their senior year of high school and they always did an “assassins” water game, which I believe has not ended yet. Each player paid five dollars and was given a name, of another senior playing, on a piece of paper. No one knew who had their name. The rules were to eliminate the person whose name you had by hitting them with water; water gun, water balloon, cup of water, it didn’t matter how, but you had to hit them anywhere with water. No playing the game on school grounds or at any type of school related activity; dances, class trips, sports meets, etc. Once you eliminated your opponent you took the name they had to get. Well, your dad had big plans of winning and got his first two opponents out quickly. Nick got his first out and ended up with your dad’s name. Nick asked me the next Friday to use my SUV, that Mike wasn’t familiar with, to drive him to the high school and follow Mike. It worked and we followed him to Greeley Park in Nashua where he met some friends to play ultimate Frisbee. Nick got out with a small water gun in his pocket and walked over to them all. They greeted him and as usual invited him to play. After a little bit, he was close to Mike and pulled out the gun to squirt him, but someone unexpectedly ran between them and Mike saw the gun. Well the race was on! It was hilarious watching Mike zig zagging around the trees with Nick in close pursuit. Unfortunately for Nick, he was a sprinter and your dad’s endurance as a distance runner won out. Nick was now at a disadvantage because your dad knew Nick had his name, but he didn’t know of Nick’s evil planning ability. Nick was a creature of habit and nothing was more important than school and being there on time. Monday morning Nick got up early and had me drive him by Mike’s house and I was to wait down the street. Nick went and hid under the porch of Mike’s house. Your dad came out to his car for school and started loading some video equipment into the car. On his second trip out, Nick was hiding beside the car. Your dad came around with his arms full and Nick popped up saying, “surprise” and squirted him. Mike stood there with his mouth open, stunned and then laughed. He had never expected this so close to the first attempt and was astonished at the fact that Nick would pull something like that off before school and chance being late. Mike knew that Nick had never been late, absent, or left school early since the fourth grade; eight years of perfect attendance. Mike laughed about the “surprise kill” to all their friends at school. Nick and Mike only saw each other a few more times the next few summers to play ultimate Frisbee, but still kept in contact through Facebook. The last time Nick saw your dad was when the three of us happen to be at Town Fair Tire in April, just two months before his accident. Your dad still had that huge smile, greeted Nick with a hug, and said, “hi Mrs. Deveau” like always. He and Nick went into a conversation about his work and going for his masters and Nick’s lab research and going for his PhD. Mike told us his address and said you both have to come by and meet my wife and baby girl. He said, “You will absolutely love them. My Kim is a sweetheart and Kaylee is so adorable and smart.” We told him sure, but most likely not until summer. We were both in total shock when we were listening to Friday’s news and heard about the accident. Unfortunately, Saturday’s paper confirmed what we heard. I have never seen my son so upset. Your dad was an amazing boy and man that accomplished so much in just 23 years. He touched many lives and will be in our hearts forever. They say we are not to question God, but all I have to say is that He must have needed your father for something very special. I hope this extremely long story gives you some comfort in knowing what a huge impact your dad had on us. I will miss not seeing his smile again until we meet in heaven. May God bless you and your mother. <3 Karen Deveau

  8. My Dear Little Kaylee,

    I think about your daddy every day and smile at all the little things he did for me and all of us around him. I loved to see him with you. You were the joy of his life and he loved to be with you. One Monday evening when you, Mommy and Daddy came to our house for dinner (you came every Monday night), you were playing with the toys here. One set of toys were colorful nesting barrels. You loved to open up barrel after barrel to see the next smaller one inside. When you got to the sixth and smallest barrel, it would not open! There was a screw keeping it closed! Your Daddy took a look at it and thought it was so terrible of the toy maker to do that to a little kid. He took the barrel, went right downstairs and found a small screw driver. Moments later he presented you with the little green barrel that you immediately opened with delight! The look of satisfaction on your face was only topped by the smile on Daddy’s face! He would do anything for his little girl! Remind me to show you those barrels and we will pull that little one open and think of your Dad! I love you always! Grandma

  9. Kaylee,

    I’ve been contemplating what words to write about your dad for some time now and unfortunately, since he’s been gone, everything I’ve come up with in my head just seems completely inadequate. Nothing I can ever say to you will truly capture how amazing a man he really was. I do want to share the story of the 2nd time I met your dad because it really was one of the best times!

    The day after you came into this world, your uncles really wanted to visit you in the hospital along with mom and dad. Well, Uncle David wanted me to come along and I kept telling him that I shouldn’t! I had never met Grandma and Papa and I had never met your mom! And here I was, about to walk into the hospital meeting them all for the first time on such a big day! I WAS SO NERVOUS!

    Luckily, he convinced me to change my mind and I agreed to go and meet you for the first time.

    I spent SO long shopping for you the next day before we went to the hospital. I tried to find something that would be as cute as you and that your self-proclaimed geeky father would love as well. I finally decided that I would get these adorable baby converse shoes. (If your Uncle David has anything to do with it, you’ll still know what these are by the time you read this.) I searched store after store to find the smallest pair I could find until I found them. A precious pair of pink converse sneakers perfect for little Kaylee.
    That night, Uncle David, Uncle Stephen, Erin and I packed into the car and made our way to see you. I had already met your dad once thankfully so I knew I’d at least have someone to say hello to! I walked into the hospital and hugged Grandma and Papa first. They were so happy I can’t even begin to tell you. They were absolutely beaming and I remember your Grandma talking about how big you were and all of the little things you were already doing! It was truly adorable.

    We all went into the room where you, Mom and Dad were and Mike walked over to us all and gave us a series of BIG HUGS! I knew I made a good choice and was so excited that I got to share that happiness with everyone. He was taking SO many photos of you it was incredible. He just had this permanent smile on his face even though you knew he was absolutely exhausted. He was so proud and you knew he was just so happy to be a dad. I gave Mom and Dad the gift I got for you. Mom opened up the small little box and had a huge smile on her face when she opened them! I told her “I got the smallest ones I could find but I don’t think they’ll fit!” I had taken one look at you and knew there was no way there were going to fit on those teeny tiny little feet of yours! Dad took a picture of Mom with the shoe and made sure to send it to both me and Uncle David  He did such a great job making me feel like I was part of the family from day one.

    About a year later, your Uncle David shared a picture with me that your Dad had sent of you FINALLY able to wear those shoes. Your dad remembered everything and always made sure that he showed everyone how appreciative he was. He sent that picture because he knew it would make me and Uncle David smile knowing that they finally fit you! I was so proud of you with those cute pink sneakers on. He always made sure that people felt special and when I got that photo, I’ll admit I did : )

    I was fortunate to get a lot of “Mike stories” and I’ll always make sure you know all about them. Your dad always made me feel like part of the family and I’ll always make sure you know just how amazing a person he was.


    Baby Chucks


  10. Dear Kaylee,

    I want to tell you about the night you were born. When we heard your parents were headed to the hospital, we were all extremely excited, especially your Daddy. He wanted the whole world to know you were coming and he made sure they did! He gave us live updates on facebook (which in our day is how we announce something if we want the world to know) and we all watched it intently. He wanted to make sure everyone knew and could celebrate with him, across the world, the instant you came into it. We kept hitting the refresh button nonstop waiting to hear. Finally, we saw that you had been born and we were so excited, it was late at night but none of us could think of sleeping because we were so happy to have you in the world.

    Aunt Maureen saw the news and called my mom (grandma) to congratulate her. Even though Grandma was at the hospital in the waiting room, she hadnt heard that you were officially born yet! (I think Aunt Maureen was particularly happy to have known before Grandma).

    The first thing I did was call your dad. I didnt expect him to pick up the phone since he was clearly busy, but he had someone answer it for him and hold it to his ear. I said “CONGRATULATIONS DADDY!!!” and he just said, “Shhh, listen.” I could hear a little baby making soft sounds in the background. “That’s my daughter,” he said, his voice beaming with pride. We didnt talk much since I knew I would see him (and you!) the next day, but there was no question how happy and proud he felt and how much he loved you.

    -Uncle David


  11. Dear Kaylee,

    Your dad was a kind and devoted man. He also loved being a total geek. He played with you and me. When I got a new camera for my birthday he showed me all of the things I could do with it. He was kind and smart. You don’t know how much he loved you. I promise to tell you more and more about him as the years go by. I love you!

  12. Kaylee,

    I saw your dad in the summer of 2011 at my sister’s wedding. I had seen some photos of you (you were just a few months old at the time), and I thought you were adorable, which I mentioned to your parents as they moved through the receiving line. Your dad’s face lit up when he started talking about you, which he obviously loved doing. He was so proud of you; he even offered to “be my friend on Facebook” so he could show off more of your photos. Even though the conversation lasted only a minute or two, I was able to see in that time how much he loved you, and I would bet anything that he always will.

    - Laura

  13. Dear Kaylee,

    Simply put, your dad was the best. He carried love around with him and brightened people’s days. In high school, he befriended everyone from the athletes to the scientists to the teachers and coaches. He put people at ease by being completely and entirely himself and inviting others to do the same. He was incredibly genuine in the way he lived his life and the way he cared for others.

    I remember having conversations with him about running, music and other relatively typical teenage activities, and feeling that he had a much better sense of the bigger picture than the average teen. He used the word “blessed” in casual conversation and was sincere about it. He seemed to have a true and deep understanding of the magnificence of nature and great perspective on what was important. It was always clear that the he came from a very loving, intelligent and supportive family.

    I feel so thankful to have known your dad and so thankful to be able to share these memories with you. I read somewhere that the bridge between the land of the living and the land of the passed is love and with all of the love Mike has for you and your mom, I feel sure he can’t be far.


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